There are so many things I am “over” in life!  I’m “over” being worried about what others think – I live my life for God and seek His approval only.  I’m “over” letting the obstacles of life run me down, depress me, or stifle me – I like to look on the bright side and find humor in most situations, that lightens the load and makes for a better “me”!

I have to be reminded several times in my life to relax, laugh and enjoy the simple things. So maybe my experiences will help you to look at your own situations and find humor, lessons, or simply a better outlook in your own life!  Even though there are natural and unnatural occurances that will get us down temporarily, eventually we need to get ourselves back together again and continue on with this life we’ve been given.

That is where I was when I was literally hit by a train and lived!  Please take time to read my post, “Hit By Train And Lived”, and you’ll see what God has done for me and can do for you if you’ll only accept His love and live for Him!  ” The road doesn’t have to be bumpy”!

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