Regrets are a Waste of Time

“Regrets are a waste of time, they are the past crippling you in the present”, this was a line from the movie, UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN.  I love this saying!


I had many regrets; things I wish I had said to people, things I wish I hadn’t said to people, actions I should have taken, actions I should not have taken.  But we can’t go back and undo anything – we can ask forgiveness and hope that those offended by our words or behavior will not only forgive, but also forget.  Inevitably, we are left with regrets.  And the weight of that can be crippling and keeping you from living like you should in the present!

We have got to stop looking back and stay focused on the present and the future!  Since we can’t change the past we can decide to live better in the future, especially with all that we learn from our mistakes.  Remember, regrets are a waste of time, they are the past crippling us in the present!  Move on – you’ve got some living to do, and by all means have fun doing it!

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