Need Any Help Ma’am?

In one of the chapters of our life, my husband owned a building supply company.  God saw fit to bless our business immeasurably, and in the early stages before we could even hire enough help to keep up, we would have to make the deliveries ourselves.

On one extremely busy and hectic day, my husband could not leave the office and I would have to make the delivery myself, that is,  me and my two elementary aged children that we homeschooled.  Now this would normally not be a problem, but the delivery was full of 16′ long boxes of siding, trim coil, etc. – the siding boxes alone weighed about 120lbs a piece.  On the upside of this adventure, we didn’t need the trailer!  What a relief, as I have never been able to back it up successfully!

Well the kids and I loaded ourselves into the truck and began our solo adventure with no reassurance that there would be anyone to help us unload the heavy cargo.   So I began to pray out loud that God would take care of us and give us not only safe travel,  but the strength to unload the delivery and safety in doing so if no one could assist.

We arrived in the next town over and found the job site easily, I backed up the truck, and asked the kids, “how do you eat an elephant?”, their response, “one bite at a time, mom”.  Yes, we were on our own to unload.  We began to all three grab the siding box and struggle over to the proper spot and neatly stack them there.  When all of a sudden, a big city public works truck pulled up and 4 of the largest muscle built men I’ve ever seen hopped out – all smiling and said, “need any help ma’am?”  I was flabbergasted!!  But before I could even answer, they quickly and effortlessly unloaded every single item and lined the material up like soldiers!  In a matter of minutes they were done, and simply tipped their hard hats to us and got back into their truck and drove off.  The most amazing part was, they left the same way they came in, as though they weren’t even suppose to be on that road anyway! 

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